How Do I Refund Fandango Tickets As A Guest?

What can a Fandango gift card be used for?

Fandango Cards.

Fandango Cards can only be used for the purchase of movie tickets, purchase or rental of movies or TV shows, and associated fees on, or via participating Fandango or FandangoNOW apps; FNOW Cards..

How do you send Fandango tickets to someone else?

To share your movie tickets:Open the app.Tap on MY TICKETS.Tap on SEND TICKET.Add a Recipient’s Name.Tap SEND TICKET.Select how you would like to share the ticket, e.g. Message, Email. The person you send the ticket to will then get a link and will need to click and accept the ticket.

How do you redeem Fandango tickets?

You can redeem your Fandango gift card by visiting,, or the Fandango or Flixster apps, and: Select a showtime. Under the payment section click or tap on ‘use gift card’ and enter your gift card code and pin (if available)

How do you cancel movie tickets online?

– Login into the BookMyShow app/website. Click on ‘Profile’ on the bottom right of the app or the upper-right of the website. – Select ‘Purchase History’ and choose the booking you wish to cancel. – Select the booking you wish to cancel and tap on ‘Cancel Booking’ available on the bottom-right of the screen.

How do you use movie tickets online?

You bring the code in either printed out or on your phone and they scan that as your ticket. You can generally print a ticket, get a text/email sent to your phone, or pick up a ticket at the theater with the credit card you used to pay online. Then you walk in with whatever method of ticket you decided to use.

How long does it take to get a refund from fandango?

two weeksHow Long Does It Take for Fandango to Process the Refund? It can take up to two weeks for your refund to be completed. If you aren’t satisfied with the Customer Support team, you can try reaching out to the Customer Care team by dialing 1-800-FANDANGO or contacting them directly at 1-866-8575-191.

What does Fandango mean?

noun, plural fan·dan·gos. a lively Spanish or Spanish American dance in triple time, performed by a man and woman playing castanets. a piece of music for such a dance or one having its rhythm. (especially in the southwest U.S.) a ball or dance.

Where are my Fandango tickets?

Shortly after you complete your ticket purchase, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address that you provided during checkout, and if you’re a Fandango VIP, your ticket will also be stored in your account under purchase history. If you can’t find your confirmation email, please check your SPAM folder.

Can I get a refund for movie tickets?

When you’re at the theatre, a ticket may be refunded up to 30 minutes after the feature film has started. If you purchased your tickets online and you are unable to make it to your show, contact our Guest Service team by pressing the “Contact Us” button below. …

Can you change movie ticket times?

Instead of a refund, you may wish to exchange your movie ticket(s) for another movie and/or show time. Exchanging your movie ticket(s) will allow you to keep the movie ticket price and the per-ticket Convenience Fee as a stored credit in your account, subject to certain eligibility restrictions as described below.

Does Fandango charge a fee?

How Much Does Fandango Charge? As I mentioned earlier, the typical convenience fee for buying a ticket via Fandango is $1.50. However, these prices may vary by area. If you’re seeing an IMAX movie, you’re looking at as much as $2 per ticket for the convenience fee.

Can you get a refund on Fandango?

Yes, you can exchange or refund your entire order (except for the convenience fee in the case of a refund) through Fandango,, or Flixster, before the time of the show. … For full terms and conditions, please see our Fandango Ticket Policy.

Can you cancel a movie ticket AMC?

You can cancel your advance reservation before showtime at the theatre or by using the self-service refund feature through our website at You can also cancel your tickets through our mobile app, directly from your ticket details.

How do I cancel my Fandango account?

There’s no way to delete your account. Write them a short message that you wish to delete your account. Include your account details in the message body.

How do I avoid Fandango fees?

If you’d rather not pay the convenience fees for Fandango tickets, we detail a few ways you can get around them below.Join AMC Stubs. … Purchase a Discounted Fandango Gift Card. … Use a Fandango VIP+ Reward. … Sign up for Online Coupon Website Alerts. … AMC Cinemas.