How Do You Get S Rank With Rhea?

Why did nemesis kill sothis?

Nemesis killed Sothis and crafted the sword out her body.

He did that because he wanted power and didn’t like being inferior to the goddess and her children..

Seteth is the older brother of Flayn. He became the second-in-command and chief aide to Rhea, the Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, after being summoned to Garreg Mach Monastery in 1159.

Is Rhea Byleth’s mom?

Genetically speaking, Rhea is his mother. 3/4 of Byleths blood come from Rhea and 1/4 from Jeralt. But you can also make the case that she is either his Grandma (by raising the clone as a daugther) or his aunt (if you consider the clone a younger sister of Rhea).

Can you s support Rhea in golden deer?

Yes only silver snow. I obtain a blue S support for (Byleth*Rhea) in my golden deer (chapter 11) run.

How old is Byleth?

Page actionsGenderChosen by the player.Age20-21 (Part I) 25-26 (Part II)BirthdayChosen by the player.Height175 cm (~5’9″) (male) 164 cm (~5’5″) (female)FamilyJeralt (father) Sitri (mother, deceased)5 more rows

Who is Flayns mother?

In reality, Flayn is actually Seteth’s daughter. Her mother is buried in the Rhodos Coast. While she claims to lack ties to Cethleann, she is actually the Saint herself.

Why did Byleth get dizzy?

Maybe I’m taking the sound cue too literally, but I almost feel like Byleth actually had a single heartbeat at that moment, and the shock of that bodily function activating for the first time in their life caused them to faint and feel sickly for a month. They make a big deal about Byleth not having a heartbeat.

Is it possible to recruit Rhea?

How to Recruit Rhea. As the leader of the Central Church of Seiros and Archbishop of Garreg Mach Monastery, Lady Rhea cannot be recruited, but can show up as an ally in certain missions.

Can you recruit Jeralt?

How to Recruit Jeralt. As Byleth’s father, Jeralt serves as a tutorial ally will assist you in a few Chapters, but will never become recruitable over the course of the game. However, when at the Monastery, he can be available for Faculty Training to help increase Byleth’s own skills.

Can you save Jeralt?

You cannot save him.

Is sitri Rhea’s daughter?

Like her predecessors, Sitri was unable to awaken the power of the crest, leading to her frail health. Rhea developed quite the affection for Sitri despite the circumstances behind her “creation”, viewing her as an adoptive daughter; in return, Sitri considered Rhea her mother figure.

Are Seteth and Flayn dragons?

So yeah, once upon a time, Flayn and Seteth were able to transform into dragons like Indech and Macuil. But Macuil and Indech remained in their dragon form so long that they lost their ability to become humanoid, and Seteth and Flayn were in humanoid form so long they lost their dragon forms.

Is Rhea a Seiros?

Rhea is actually one of the Nabateans, the original children of the progenitor god Sothis. She is also Seiros herself, the saint who founded the Church of Seiros, defeated Nemesis, and helped found the Adrestian Empire.

Does Rhea die three houses?

Rhea dies regardless in the Golden Deer route, she only survives the Blue Lion route.

Can you recruit Hanneman?

How to Recruit Hanneman. … Check with him by around Part 1, during Chapter 8 or Chapter 9, once Byleth is at least Level 15, and Hanneman should have the option to be recruited into your group.