How Many Customers Does Xplornet Have?

How good is Xplornet Internet?

Xplornet advertises High Speed Satellite service of 25mbps speed but they consistently provide far far lower speeds.

They charge 120.00 per month for this high speed internet service but my internet speed is consistently below 2.5 mbps.

The internet speed is 90% below what they advertise..

What type of Internet is Xplornet?

Fixed Wireless Internet Xplornet 4G and LTE fixed wireless network consists of hundreds of towers all across the country, and that number is growing.

Is there WIFI in Nunavut?

High-speed Internet comes to Nunavut: Northwestel officially launches new broadband satellite network. … Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital and largest community, is the first to have the high-speed network commissioned, and all 25 Nunavut communities will have access to the network in the coming months.

Why is my Xplornet Internet so slow?

Reset your modem and router. Sometimes restarting your network or your router can increase the speed of your connection. To do this, turn off your computers and other devices and unplug the power to your router for 30 seconds. Plug the power to your router back in and turn on your computers.

Is xplornet a satellite?

Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc. is one of Canada’s leading broadband service providers. … Today, Xplornet offers voice and data communication services through its unique hybrid fibre wireless and satellite network that connects Canadians to what matters.

How fast is Xplornet?

25 MbpsHowever, whether you chose HD or SD, Xplornet offers high-speed packages with speeds of up to 25 Mbps, allowing you and your family to stream your favourite shows or movies smoothly either way!

Who is xplornet owned by?

Stonepeak Infrastructure PartnersStonepeak Infrastructure Partners has reportedly agreed to purchase Xplornet for roughly $2 billion USD (about $2.6 billion CAD), including debt. Stonepeak Infrastructure is an independent investment firm based in New York that focuses on North American infrastructure opportunities.

Is xplornet unlimited?

We offer Unlimited Plans on our Satellite service called DataXtend™ Choose the speed and data plan that best suits your needs. If you exceed the data included in your plan, you will continue to enjoy unlimited data for browsing, social media, email, shopping and more, with no overage fees until your next billing cycle.

What satellites does xplornet use?

Xplornet, one of Canada’s leading broadband service providers, today announced the successful launch of the ViaSat-2 satellite from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. ViaSat-2 is one half of Xplornet’s new satellite broadband program, which triples Xplornet’s current satellite Internet capacity.

What is the best option for rural internet?

Best internet service for rural areas:Viasat—Best satellite internet.CenturyLink—Best DSL internet.Rise Broadband—Best fixed wireless.Verizon Wireless—Best mobile wireless.

How much does it cost to cancel xplornet?

Basic and Enhanced Installation Policy (the most current version of which may be found at; and….28. What fees apply?Service FeesAmountEarly Cancellation Charge (2-year fixed term)$2403 more rows

How much is xplornet a month?

The new unlimited broadband data plans are available at all speed levels and are affordably priced from $59.99 to $99.99 per month.

Does xplornet use satellite?

Xplornet has two different types of platforms: Fixed wireless technology allows us to place a tower nearby and, with the Xplornet antenna on the side of your house, link you up with the tower to access the Internet. Satellite technology uses a satellite orbiting Earth.

Is LTE faster than satellite?

With a download speed of up to 25 Mbps and an upload speed of up to 3 Mbps, satellite internet looks like it’s just as fast as 4G LTE at first glance. Unfortunately, with an average latency of more than 600 ms, the user experience of satellite internet is much slower than 4G LTE.

Does Bell own xplornet?

On February 16, 2017, Bell announced that as part of its acquisition of Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), it would divest a portion of its wireless subscribers to Xplornet. … Xplornet will receive 24,700 MTS subscribers, as well as 6 retail locations, and wireless spectrum.