Question: Is Jaina Proudmoore Kul Tiran?

Why did Jaina kill her father?

She was the peacemaker between the Alliance and Horde for many years, but the Horde burnt the olive branch and broke that trust so many times that it cannot and will not grow back.

She allowed her own father to be killed in order to ensure peace between the Alliance and the Horde..

Where is Lady Jaina Proudmoore location?

Lady Jaina Proudmoore This NPC can be found in The Situation in Dalaran (2) and Dalaran .

How old is Jaina Proudmoore in BFA?

roughly 33 years oldBased on some Lore tweets, Jaina is roughly 33 years old. Sean Copeland says that Varian was born in Year -10 (10 years before the First War). This makes Varian roughly 40 years old currently. and Jaina was born in Year -3 (3 years before the First War).

Why does Jaina Proudmoore hate the Horde?

Why does she hate the Horde so much now? Is it because of Garrosh? Between the end of SoO and the start of Warlords (as told in the War Crimes novel), Jaina stops blaming the horde as a whole and realizes it was Garrosh himself and a few insane lackeys who were to blame.

How did sylvanas die?

In truth, as Sylvanas lay dying after being impaled by Frostmourne, she told Arthas to finish her, saying she deserved a clean death. Having had to fight her every step of the way, Arthas responded by telling her the last thing he would give her was the peace of death.

Is Jaina still with Kalecgos?

After his defeat the blue dragons went their separate ways; Kalec joined the Kirin Tor and took up residence in Dalaran to pursue a relationship with Jaina Proudmoore….Kalecgos.Kalecgos (Kalec)StatusAliveRelative(s)Tarecgosa (adopted sister), Jaina Proudmoore (former lover)11 more rows

Who will anduin marry?

Princess TalanjiHe is going to marry Princess Talanji so that there is a permanent marriage link between the alliance and the horde. However, his true secret crush is Li Li Stormstout. That is factually true.

Is jaina a dreadlord?

A lot of people speculate that after the bombing of Theramore, Jaina was actually possessed by a Dreadlord. Dreadlords are master manipulators known to possess and take on the appearance of influential mortals to sew chaos and subjugate their wills through mind control.

What did Jaina Proudmoore do to Kul Tiras?

Jaina ended up helping the Horde obtain ships from the goblins and ordered her troops to stand down when the Orcs invaded Theramore. Rexxar ended up landing the final blow on Daelin Proudmoore. … The Kul Tiran sea shanty, “Daughter of the Sea”, refers to Jaina’s betrayal of Kul Tiras when allowing her father to die.

Is jaina anduin aunt?

Jaina was always close with Varian while Anduin was growing up, so it just kinda happened that she was like an aunt to him. Prior to Theramore getting nuked, she also aligned very easily with Anduin’s peace-loving side. … Jaina is like more than twice his age.

Is Jaina Proudmoore evil?

Over and over again since then, she has been betrayed by the people she’s tried to help. Theramore, a city under her protection, full of people she considered friends, was annihilated by the people she tried to forge peace with. Jaina isn’t evil, she just doesn’t have any confidence left in the Horde.

Is anduin arthas son?

No he is the son of Lady Jaina Proudmore and Arthas, when he was born he was given to King Varian to raise as a son because he was sterile, and had no hopes of a heir.

How old is Jaina?

Jaina ProudmooreAge:36 (Born 1989 L.A.C.) (3 BDP)Nationality:Gender:FemaleHouse:Proudmoore8 more rows

Is jaina a frost mage?

Frost Lich Jaina is a legendary mage hero card, from the Knights of the Frozen Throne set.

Is sylvanas a blood elf?

Still, the Forsaken and Sylvanas are pleased that her old friends, the Blood Elves, have joined the Horde. Perhaps she even goes back to Silvermoon City from time to time. Distinguishing characteristics: Despite being an undead high elf banshee, Sylvanas is portrayed in WoW as a differently colored night elf model.

Why does Jaina Proudmoore have white hair?

From the manga/comic: As Lieren could only use her lifeforce to power the spell rather than magic, the strain of the teleportation caused her hair to become streaked with white, which she uses as a reminder that she can’t win every battle. Jaina’s massive teleport from Theramore could explain her hair turning white.

Did Jaina kill her father?

When it became clear to Jaina that her father would never change his ways, she let the Horde into Theramore. She let them kill her own father, all in the name of peace. … But the tentative peace between the humans of Theramore and the orcs of Durotar continued, largely because of the efforts of Jaina and Thrall.

How old is Sylvanas?

We don’t know how old Sylvanas is. Sylvannas has been around at least 40 years, because she was in Warcraft 3. There is no record stating when she was born, but due to the aging of high elves, we can assume she was about a thousand years old when she died at the hands of Arthas.