Question: Was Dave The Smoke Monster?

Why was there a polar bear in Lost?

Polar bears were brought to the Island by the DHARMA Initiative, who kept them in cages at the Hydra station, on Hydra Island.

(The World of the Others) According to Pierre Chang, because polar bears possess keen memory and adaptability instincts, they were prime candidates for studies in electromagnetic research..

Did Jack become the smoke monster?

Jack did not become a monster This gave the smoke a form to use so he could escape. Jacob’s brother died, but the monster merely used his body. … Therefore the open hole, without something to keep the darkness in (according to Jacob’s metaphor) caused MiB’s change into the smoke monster.

Does anyone survive in Lost?

Scott Caldwell), Bernard (Sam Anderson), Sawyer, Desmond, Penny (Sonya Walger), and Claire all survive the finale, and presumably die at some point in the years afterward.

Does Claire die in Lost?

If you haven’t seen this episode of “Lost” yet, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER.] At first blush, Tuesday night’s episode of “Lost” appeared to be Kate-centric, but it was what we found out about Claire that intrigued me the most. Back in season four, Claire was taken away mysteriously by her dead(?)

Why did Linus kill Locke?

1 Answer. TL;DR: In the final episode, Ben explains that he killed Locke because Locke was special, and Ben wasn’t. … Until the LOSTies arrived, Ben had been the leader of the Others, and seemed poised to become the next guardian of the island. He supposedly had contact with Jacob, who had been orchestrating everything.

Why did they kill off Mr Eko?

Eko Tunde is a fictional character, played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje on the ABC television series Lost. After appearing on the show for one season, Akinnuoye-Agbaje asked Cuse and Lindelof to write his character out of the show because he did not feel at home in Hawaii. …

Why does Mr Eko cut his beard?

Why did Mr. Eko cut off his beard? Eko knows that the Others wear fake beards. In cutting off his beard and offering it to Henry Gale to wear as a disguise, he was in effect saying, “I’m on to you.

What killed the pilot lost?

After the crash of Oceanic 815 Later that day, The Man in Black rips the pilot (Greg Grunberg) from the cockpit of the plane and kills him, leaving his mangled body in a tree as the monster; the pilot’s corpse is found by Jack, Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly), and Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghan).

What was the Smoke Monster in Lost?

The origins of the island were explored slightly during the final sixth season. In its real form, the Smoke Monster was actually the mysterious Man in Black (Titus Welliver), who may or may not have been the first resident of the island.

When did Locke become the smoke monster?

Toward the end of season 6, the smoke monster, in the form of John Locke (Terry O’Quinn), admitted to Jack that it was he who Jack saw in the jungle.

Why does Jack see his dad in Lost?

Jack was really seeing his dad because when he went to the caves his coffin was emtey. He saw him, as lot of people saw him, as he is image of Jacob. ANSWER: It was a manifestation of the Island to bring Jack to the caves.

Why was the smoke monster stuck as Locke?

The Onion Knight MIB was stuck as Locke because they buried Locke while he was in his shape. The rule is he can take the form of anyone that is dead, but once you bury them he no longer has the ability. IIlyana told Miles and the rest to hurry up and bury Locke when they were outside of the statue.

Why does the smoke monster kill?

The Smoke Monster killed Ecko because he was a loop keeper as he wanted to keep the Swan in place. Eko’s death is a microcosm foreboding the end of the series. Eko had reached a point where he no longer felt guilty about his brother’s death, he had ‘moved on’ in a sense.

Is Locke’s dad Sawyer?

This man, not Ben, reveals he is Anthony Cooper (Locke’s father), a conman who reveals he went by name “Tom Sawyer.” Sawyer realizes this is the man whom he has been searching for. After Cooper mocks his letter of vengeance, Sawyer strangles him to death in a fit of anger.

Does Jin die in Lost?

As you know, because you already watched Lost tonight, Jin and Sun died tonight in what just might be the most tragic death scene of Lost’s entire six seasons. (Kudos to Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim for such a gripping performance.)