Question: What Does Awash Mean?

What does a wash mean?

break-even propositionA wash is a series of transactions that result in a net sum gain of zero.

An investor, for example, can lose $100 on one investment and gain $100 in another investment.

But the tax implications can be complicated for the investor.

A wash is also referred to as a break-even proposition..

What does vaunted mean in English?

: highly or widely praised or boasted about his own much vaunted ferocity— Calvin Tomkins.

What is rock awash?

Definition. Underwater/awash rock. UWTROC. rock. A concreted mass of stony material or coral which dries, is awash or is below the water surface.

What does being washed out mean?

(idiomatic) To be very tired and lacking energy. I feel really washed out after all that editing. Of clothes. When they lose some of their original colour from being washed so often.

Why do we say wash up?

“Wash up” has been used as slang meaning “to finish, to end” since the 1920s. The original sense seems to have been “washing up,” cleaning one’s hands, face, etc., after completing a job, and the earliest citations indicate that it first became popular in the theater (“[Stage slang.]

What’s another word for wash?

Wash Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for wash?bathebathsoapclean oneselfclean yourselfclean uphave a washwash downwash uphave a bath31 more rows

What does awash mean in slang?

: flooded with or covered by water or another liquid. US : floating in a large amount of water or another liquid. See the full definition for awash in the English Language Learners Dictionary. awash.

What means staggering?

A staggering amount is an astonishing, astounding, stupefying amount. Anything staggering blows your mind. If you know that stagger means to stumble around uncertainly, then you’re close to the meaning of staggering: this is a word for things that are so hard to believe you might fall down when you hear them.

What submerge means?

to put or sink below the surface of water or any other enveloping medium. to cover or overflow with water; immerse. to cover; bury; subordinate; suppress: His aspirations were submerged by the necessity of making a living.