Question: What Is Another Word For Spying?

Why are you spying on me Google?

Its all over the media right now that google is spying on people violating peoples privacy they make video’s in your home and record conversations, read your emails and sell privacy data to commercial company’s.

ANd as this is a user-to-user help forum with no Google employees present, your threats are pointless..

What is the opposite of spy?

What is the opposite of spy?openovertpublicmanifestplainunconcealedvisibleknown

What is the synonym of spying?

espionage, undercover work, cloak-and-dagger activities, surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, eavesdropping, cyberespionage, infiltration, counter-espionage, counter-intelligence. ninjutsu. informal bugging, wiretapping, recon. Word of the day. ooky.

What other word could you use instead of Spied?

Synonyms & Antonyms of spiedbeheld,caught,descried,discerned,distinguished,espied,eyed,looked (at),More items…

What do you call someone who spies?

espionage. noun. attempts to discover your enemy’s political, military, or industrial secrets using secret methods. Someone who does this is a spy.

What is the meaning of spying?

noun, plural spies. a person employed by a government to obtain secret information or intelligence about another, usually hostile, country, especially with reference to military or naval affairs. a person who keeps close and secret watch on the actions and words of another or others. … the act of spying.