Question: Why Airtel Network Is Not Working Today?

Why Airtel Sim suddenly stopped working?

Go to settings ->network selection -> manually select airtel.

Your sim card may have damaged, try inserting your sim card in other mobile.

In case your sim card was damaged get duplicate sim card.

If the above steps do not work, make sure your number is active, contact airtel customer care at 198..

Why Airtel 4g is not working?

Airtel 4G not working on your android? Change your airtel 4g internet apn settings as this. … Select the new APN and turn ON your mobile data! If it’s still not working, please RESTART your phone to apply the changes you have made!

Why Airtel network is not working?

This could be due to multiple reasons like network congestion, topography changes or power outages. We would be happy to address your concern and request you to click here and report your issue.

What should I do if my Airtel SIM is not working?

Re: Airtel sim suddenly stopped workingRemove the SIM card & restart the device, when this occurs, the phone will re-establish the connection to the network.Try different carrier SIM cards.Tap on Settings>>Backup & reset>>Network settings reset>>Reset settings.More items…•

Why net is not working today?

If your internet is slow or not working today, you can blame it on Cyclone Vardah. … YOU Broadband, which offers services in 16 cities, said “two major internet gateways” were affected by the cyclone. ACT Broadband warned users about connectivity issues for at least a day.