Quick Answer: Are Exo Rude?

Are EXO members close?

As someone who has been an EXO-L for 4 years now, yes the EXO members are extremely close with one another..

What is EXO salary?

SM Entertainment – EXO From their concerts EXO earned more than $64,5 million and showcases they held in 30 country earned $40 million. In a year they earnt more than $10 billion.

Who is richer BTS or exo?

BTS began formation in 2011, while BTS has existed since 2010, but which K-pop band has the biggest net worth? According to online sources, EXO is the wealthiest group, with an estimated net worth of a staggering $1 billion.

Who has more fans BTS or exo?

There’s no denying the talent of K-pop groups like EXO and BTS. With music videos raking in millions of views and sold-out live performances, it’s no surprise these boys are some of the biggest names in K-pop. However, some fans noted that EXO is more popular in South Korea, while BTS is more popular globally.

Who is the richest KPOP Idol?

Kim JaejoongKim Jaejoong is considered the richest K-pop Idol.

Who is most handsome exo?

Most Handsome EXO MembersLuhan (EXO-M) Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. … Sehun (EXO-K) Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. … Kris (EXO-M) Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. … Chanyeol (EXO-K) … Kai (EXO-K)More items…

Who is richest in exo?

What is EXO’s Current Net Worth?Suho net worth: around 7 million USD.Kai net worth: around 7 million USD.D.O net worth: around 10 million USD.Chanyeol net worth: around 8 Million USD.

Does SUHO have tattoos?

Suho has taken the word ‘loyalty’ to a whole different level, he got a tattoo to prove it. … Suho tattooed all of EXO members’ names to his back from the oldest to the youngest: Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, DO, Kai, Sehun, on top of that he also added the name of EXO’s fandom EXO-Ls.

Who is the king of Kpop 2020?

JiminBTS Jimin snatched another win as he was ranked #1 in King Choice’s male K-Pop idol ranking for 2020. He won the poll with over 628k votes. King choice is a professional and known as the biggest K-Pop and celebrities voting site.

Who is better BTS or exo?

Formed by S.M.Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, Exo-K and Exo-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin. Exo has more of every thing that Bts has. … Exo has more votes in better songs, vocalist, and in awards. In all, Exo is better than Bts.

Who has the most fangirls in exo?

So according to me, overall most popular members are Kai, Sehun, Chanyeol and Baekhyun. I think among these four, someone who release something or do anything new got high on the chart otherwise these four are equal in popularity. but if i have to choose among them then it is either Sehun or Chanyeol.

Who is the most handsome in EXO 2020?

V (BTS) Born: December 30, 1995. Age: 22 years. … Sehun (EXO) Born: April 12, 1994. Age: 24 years. … Jungkook (BTS) Born: September 1, 1997. … Jin (BTS) Born: December 4, 1992. … Taemin (SHINee, SuperM) Born: July 18, 1993. … Baekhyun (EXO) Born: May 6, 1992. … Kai (EXO) Born: January 14, 1994. … Mark (Got7) Born: September 4, 1993.More items…•


Kwon Ji-yongThe BigBang star, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong and is known as the “king of K-pop”, also posted a couple of photos of the wedding on his own Instagram account.

Who’s the least popular member of EXO?D.O (Kyungsoo) 22.3%Lay (Yixing) 19.1%Xiumin (Minseok) 29.8%Chen (Jongdae) 28.8%

Why is BTS losing fans?

BTS ‘s popularity has bought many unwanted so called ARMY’s that really create hatred between other fangroups. This also can lead to losing fans.