Quick Answer: How Does Melinda Use The Neglected Janitor’S Closet?

What does the mirror symbolize in speak?

Mirrors are often used in literature to symbolize the truth about something because a reflection can not be changed.

In the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, mirrors show up throughout the novel to represent the truth about Melinda’s secret, and frustration towards herself..

What does the Apple symbolize in speak?

One symbol in the novel is the apple itself and the seed. The apple symbolizes growth, change, and a new beginning. The apple can also symbolize Melinda’s family. The seed is when her family was separated.

What keeps Melinda silent in speak?

Melinda stays silent due to trauma and fear. The summer before entering high school, Melinda was sexually assaulted at a house party. She ends up calling the police which causes her peers to hate her for being a “snitch.” However, they are unaware of the real reason she calls which completely isolates her.

How does Melinda’s reputation change once the truth is revealed?

How does Melinda’s reputation change once the truth is revealed? People accept her and people she doesn’t even know compliment her on her courage. Rachel tells Melinda she has suddenly become popular.

What does Melinda’s room say about her?

While Melinda’s closet is a haven for her hide from her new, traumatized existence, her bedroom is a symbol of the childhood innocence that she has lost. Adorned with pink roses, the room looks like a child’s, and throughout the novel, Melinda feels out-of-place and uncomfortable within it.

What does the mascot symbolize in speak?

In Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, mascots are one of the important symbols used in the story. Mascots symbolize the search for identity and how they (the school) are struggling to find out what would really represent them.

Why does Melinda need the closet?

The janitor’s closet represents Melinda’s feelings of isolation and abandonment throughout the novel. When Melinda is trying to hide from Mr. Neck, she discovers the empty maintenance closet and decides to make it her own. When she finds it she thinks, “This closet is abandoned – it has no purpose, no name.

What is the symbolism of the tree throughout speak?

The tree symbolizes death in the beginning of the art journey. At first, Melinda draws trees being hit by lightning. Melinda states, “I try to paint them so they are nearly dead, but not totally” (30). These drawing represent Melinda problem in identifying herself and symbolizing her pain.

Why does Melinda skip school?

Melinda decides to skip school. She wanders around town, takes the bus to the mall, and ends up just waiting for school to get out so she will be safe to go home. By the end of the day, Melinda decides skipping school is not much different from going. In English, Melinda’s class is reading The Scarlet Letter.

How does Melinda find her voice in speak?

By developing a friendship with Ivy and beginning to sketch various trees, Melinda gradually begins to find her voice and gain confidence. Another example of Melinda finding her voice is her decision to protest giving speeches in class, which is a bold move.

Why do you think Melinda is having difficulty talking?

She tapes a mirror to the back of her closet and faces the reflective side towards the back wall. She does this so she doesn’t have to look at herself. Why do you think Melinda is having difficulty talking? Because she is traumatized by the things the things that have happened to her.

What does the rabbit symbolize in speak?

The Rabbit represents Melinda as the prey and Andy Evans as the wolf / predator. Every time she sees Andy Evans, she keeps on running away from him and her feelings of shame, fear, anger, and anguish bursts her mind. The rabbit symbolizes a victim by the wolf, which is so weak and vulnerable.

What do Melinda’s lips symbolize in speak?

Biting lips is symbolic of holding back something. Melinda is clearly trying to hold back a dark secret that just cannot be contained. She is having a difficult time keeping it a secret. This tough time is evident because her lips are bloody from her biting them so hard.

What does Melinda see when she looks in the mirror?

What does Melinda see when she looks into the mirror? When Melinda looks into the mirror, she sees a Picasso sketch, her body slicing into dissecting cubes.

What does the janitor’s closet symbolize in speak?

Melinda’s closet represents the double-edged sword of her loneliness; on one hand, she makes the environment rich and creative, adding a picture of Maya Angelou, a blanket, and her own turkey sculpture. On the other hand, the closet symbolizes her inability to deal with the real world, and her own immaturity.

What happens to Melinda in her school’s janitor closet?

Melinda discovers an abandoned janitor’s closet at school, and she converts it a home-away-from home. … After she shares in school suspension with Andy Evans, she starts attending all her classes again. Heather tells Melinda she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, and Melinda takes it hard.

How does the tree symbolize Melinda in speak?

Near the beginning of the novel, Melinda is assigned a tree as her yearlong assignment in art class. As the narrative progresses, Melinda’s attempts to draw a tree come to symbolize her ability to move past her rape, and to mature as a person.

What is the falling action of speak?

Falling Action- The lacrosse team sees this and calls 911. Melinda needs to finish her art for a final grade. Mr. Freeman sees how now the Melinda did something about what happened that summer night, she’s finally let go of things.