Quick Answer: Is Inapplicable A Word?

Is it Unapplicable or inapplicable?

As adjectives the difference between unapplicable and inapplicable.

is that unapplicable is not applicable while inapplicable is not applicable; incapable of being applied; not adapted; not suitable; as, the argument is inapplicable to the case..

Is Derk a word?

No, derk is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Greatnesses a word?

1. The quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance: amplitude, bigness, largeness, magnitude, sizableness, size.

What does the word extraneous mean?

introduced or coming from without; not belonging or proper to a thing; external; foreign: extraneous substances in our water. not pertinent; irrelevant: an extraneous remark; extraneous decoration.

How do you spell non applicable?

Nonapplicable definitions Not applicable; inapplicable.