Quick Answer: What Do You Call A Person Who Reads A Lot?

What do you call someone who is not educated?

unschooled, illiterate, ignorant, empty-headed, ignoramus, uncultivated, uncultured, unlearned, unrefined, untaught, benighted, uninstructed, know-nothing, lowbrow, unlettered, unread, untutored..

Why do I struggle to read out loud?

A dyslexic can have many reading problems. … When someone reads aloud, dyslexics have a hard time following along. When dyslexics read aloud, they stumble over words and say them incorrectly. They may say “animal” as “aminal.” They may read a word correctly on one page, but later, they won’t recognize the same word.

What is a Hippophile?

noun. one who loves horses.

How do I become a voracious reader?

Top 10 Tips to Become a Voracious ReaderMake a List. Keep a list you can access easily. … Do it By the Book. Have two rules never read more than one book at a time, and finish every book you read. … Take Notes. … Do it Fast. … Plan For It. … Make Use of Spare Moments. … Wean off Social Media Even a Little. … Listen and Learn.More items…•

What is a Nemophilist?

Noun. nemophilist (plural nemophilists) (rare) One who is fond of forests or forest scenery; a haunter of the woods.

How do you describe a reader?

Here are some adjectives for reader: exquisitely hypocritical, second eclectic, purposeful victorian, quick and voracious, incessant and indiscriminate, bell-and-coral, little bell-and-coral, duly meditative, preparatory french, careful, mature, such, gentle, inevitable uninformed, unspeakably dull, aware modern, dear …

What do you call an avid reader?

Avid reader, book lover, or the slightly trendier booklover as one word, which appears in some places: see OneLook.

What is a voracious reader?

1 : having a huge appetite : ravenous. 2 : excessively eager : insatiable a voracious reader.

What’s the meaning of Avid?

very keen; enthusiastican avid reader. (postpositive; often foll by for or of) eager (for); desirous (of); greedy (for)avid for revenge.

What does zealous mean?

adjective. filled with or inspired by intense enthusiasm or zeal; ardent; fervent.

What is foreseeable?

1 : being such as may be reasonably anticipated foreseeable problems foreseeable consequences.

Is voracious reader a good perk?

Voracious Reader allows the crafting of all magazines. Players must have at least one copy of the desired magazine in their inventory in order to be able to craft another copy of it. This perk does not affect pre-War books. This perk synergizes very well with Comprehension and Retention perks.

What do you call a person who loves everything?

7. Loading when this answer was accepted… Omniphile: omni = every; -phile = love. Xeno- = foreign things, so xenophile means lover of foreign things, not lover of everything.

What do you call a person who cant read?

You can describe a person unable to read or write as illiterate. If you’re illiterate, you won’t be able to participate. … Illiterate, from the Latin illiteratus “unlearned, ignorant,” can describe someone unable to read or write, but it can also imply that a person lacks cultural awareness.

What does apathetic mean?

adjective. having or showing little or no emotion: apathetic behavior. not interested or concerned; indifferent or unresponsive: an apathetic audience.

Is illiterate an insult?

You might find that “functionally illiterate” (wikipedia) is a better fit to what you mean. … The addition of a specific and technical modifier also removes the ambiguity you allude to where “illiterate” can be read as an insult rather than a factual description. This could also be done as a matter of context of course.

What is a Dendrophile?

Dendrophile may refer to: A person who loves trees, as in Dendrophilia (paraphilia)