Quick Answer: What’S Your Opinion On This Matter?

How can I use matter in a sentence?

Matter sentence examplesAs a matter of fact, I think we’re on completely different planets.

“It doesn’t matter,” Alex said.

It was only a matter of days.

The Trinity–the three elements of matter–are sulphur, mercury, and salt.

As a matter of fact, I’m eating rainbow grass.More items….

What’s your opinion on me meaning?

Your opinion on something describes your ideas or beliefs regarding a particular matter or topic. For example, “What’s your opinion on the new tax law?” Usually you’d use this phrase to ask for someone’s opinion on a broad topic where many different opinions can be made. It’s the phrasing that can open up debates.

How do you define matter?

1. Matter, material, stuff, substance refer to that of which physical objects are composed (though all these terms are also used abstractly). Matter, as distinct from mind and spirit, is a broad word that applies to anything perceived, or known to be occupying space: solid matter; gaseous matter.

What is an example of opinion?

The definition of an opinion is a belief, impression, judgment or prevailing view held by a person. An example of opinion is the San Francisco Giants are the best baseball team. An example of opinion is purple is the best color. An example of opinion is capitalism is better than socialism.

What is a good question?

Here are 8 of the best questions to ask:What is the first thing you notice about a person? … What are some challenges you think the next generation will face? … What three habits will improve your life? … For what in your life do you feel most grateful? … If you could have lunch with one person alive or dead, who would it be?More items…

How do you politely give an opinion?

The Best Way to Offer An Opinion On AnythingFirst, make sure that the situation warrants an opinion. … Ask yourself if you’re the best person for the job. … Start by listening politely. … Think before you speak. … Make sure you have all the facts. … Say what you think in a detailed, straightforward manner. … Use “I” statements. … Provide the reasons for your point of view.More items…

What does opinion matter mean?

—used to say that something is based on opinion”He’s doing a terrible job.” “That’s a matter of opinion.”

What is a matter of fact?

: adhering to the unembellished facts also : being plain, straightforward, or unemotional.

What is your opinion on or of?

The prepositions about and on are interchangable and we use (about/on) whenever the word opinion refers to a thought or belief about something or someone. I.e: What’s your opinion about/on the matter? 2. The preposition (of) is usually used after opinion whenever there is a judgment about someone or something.

Can a question be an opinion?

1 Answer. An opinion-based question is one that cannot be authoritatively answered based upon standardized sourced material. It should be closed because it cannot be authoritatively answered based upon standardized sourced material.

Can you please help us in this matter?

This “matter” is your passion, not a distant subject but close and dear to you. Asking if they can help in this matter is correct in that it describes at a polite distance their capacity and perhaps willingness to help. You are hoping they can help but at such a distance that you are not pleading to them.

What does it mean to burst one’s bubble?

(idiomatic) To disillusion; to disabuse someone of a false notion or rationalization that has grown comfortable. I hate to burst his bubble, but he is going to be disappointed if he tries that idea.

Whats is a conflict?

noun. a fight, battle, or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; strife. controversy; quarrel: conflicts between parties. discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles: a conflict of ideas.

Which is correct on this matter or in this matter?

In general, either is correct, both meaning “in regard to this matter.” Often the preceding wording suggests a preference, as in, e.g., “I would like to have your opinion on this matter.” But, on the other hand, “I’m not sure how to proceed in this matter.” Sentences often begin, “In the matter of …,” and this is NOT …

What is the mean of opinion?

An opinion is a belief or judgment that falls short of absolute conviction, certainty, or positive knowledge; it is a conclusion that certain facts, ideas, etc., are probably true or likely to prove so: political opinions; an opinion about art; In my opinion this is true.

What is another word for opinion?

Some common synonyms of opinion are belief, conviction, persuasion, sentiment, and view.

How do you ask for an opinion?

Asking for OpinionsDo you think … ?How do you feel about … ?In your opinion, … ?Please tell me your opinion on …What do you think about … ?What’s your opinion on … ?

What are your views?

Your views on something are the beliefs or opinions that you have about it, for example whether you think it is good, bad, right, or wrong. Neither of them had strong views on politics. [ + on] I take the view that she should be stopped as soon as possible. My own view is absolutely clear.