Quick Answer: Why Did Stannis Kill Renly?

Why did stannis want to kill Robb?

Because Stannis saw Robb as someone trying to “steal” the North and the Riverlands and wouldn’t have allied with him.

Because Robb crowned himself as King in the North.

He was a traitor and an usurper and that’s why Stannis wants him dead.

Even Renly didn’t want an alliance with Robb as a king..

Did Stannis regret killing Renly?

After his defeat, Stannis expressed some regret for the death of his younger brother, as he was now a kinslayer with nothing to show for it. Renly’s murder also ultimately resulted in Stannis’s doom, as Brienne of Tarth would eventually avenge Renly by tracking Stannis down after his failed attack on Winterfell.

What happened to the shadow baby after it killed Renly?

Originally Answered: What happened to shadow baby after it killed Renly? It just… vanished. … Renly never cast that shadow. Death came in that door and blew the life out of him as swift as the wind snuffed out his candles.

Why did Stannis kill Renly Baratheon?

Stannis had always felt that Robert had cheated him of his birthright by giving Storm’s End to Renly instead of him. … Killing Renly however gave him what he needed; the Stormlander Army. After Renly’s death, Stannis was the last Baratheon.

Why did Stannis and Renly fight?

That said, Renly was technically committing treason. While Stannis was definitely not the most popular heir, the only legitimacy Renly had was his blood connection and the support of the Tyrells. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. He thought he would be a better king.

Does Stannis know he killed Renly?

He brought his doom on himself with his treason, but I did love him, Davos. … Renly had to die for the treason, but still his brother. Stannis felt really sad for the death of his last brother (and deep inside Stannis might know that Renly was killed by his own hands, making himself a kinslayer of some kind).