What Can I Use To Kill Pigeons?

What is the best pigeon deterrent?

Top 5 Best Pigeon Deterrents​Avishock electric Track (​a permanent solution that works)​Steel Bird Spikes (a cheaper option)​Aspectek Polycarbonate Bird Spikes.​50ft X 50ft Black Anti-Bird Net.​JT Eaton Bird Repellent Gel..

What can I use to scare pigeons away?

Here’s how to scare away pigeons.Don’t just ignore your pigeon problem. … Place plastic owls and rubber snakes strategically around your balcony or porch. … Attach shiny streamers, known as Flash Tape, to the roof of your balcony or porch so that they move freely in the wind.More items…

How do you keep pigeons away naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Pesky PigeonsMake Roosting Spaces Less Appealing.Sealing Off Entrances.Scare Off The Pigeons.Locate the Nesting Place and Put the Bait.Position The Ladder If The Pigeons At High Places.Place And Set The Trap.Keep Some Pigeons In The Trap.Honey To Remove Pigeons.More items…•

Do wind chimes keep pigeons away?

Another effective way to deter the pigeons is to set up wind chimes on your balcony. In addition to producing noises, metal chimes can also reflect light. It is best to hang the set around the corner of the area for the best results.

What do pigeons hate?

Organic, homemade deterrents are usually pretty effective. Place “pomanders” of strong spices, such as chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and cinnamon around your patio and exterior window sills, or wherever pigeons tend to gather.

Will vinegar keep pigeons away?

While chili pepper alone may not be enough, mixing it with water and apple cider vinegar offers a simple and natural way of deterring birds. Spray the mixture in troublesome places! Like any mixture of this nature, it will fade quickly, so you will need to reapply it often.

What smell keeps pigeons away?

One of the most common that people like to use is mothballs. The fact is that pigeons hate the smell. Mothballs don’t pose any kind of danger to anyone, including the pigeons, they simply don’t like the smell. You can place these liberally around your home, on the roof, under eaves and facades and have great success.

How do you control pigeon problems?

Three steps to humanely solve a pigeon problemStop feeding the pigeons (intentionally or not) Most conflicts with pigeons can be tied at one point or another to feeding, intentionally or otherwise. … Unintentional food sources. … Prevent roosting and nesting. … Limit flock size with pigeon birth control.

What sounds are pigeons afraid of?

Sonic noises are those sounds that the human ear can detect. These types of noise would include animal growls, hisses, and grunts that are associated with predators. Upon hearing these noises, small animals and birds such as pigeons will become frightened into thinking a predator is after them and try to escape.

How do I get rid of pigeons nesting in my trees?

Strings tied shortly above perching spots and wire mesh or bird netting wrapped around horizontal limbs will help. Spread spices they don’t like, such as pepper or cinnamon powders. Chili, black and cayenne peppers are recommended.

What foods are poisonous to pigeons?

Among the most common foods that are toxic to birds are:Avocado. The leaves of the avocado plant contain persin, a fatty acid-like substance that kills fungus in the plant. … Caffeine. … Chocolate. … Salt. … Fat. … Fruit pits and apple seeds. … Onions and garlic. … Xylitol.