Why Did Ellie Kiss Riley?

Is the last of us 2 ps4 exclusive?

The Last Of Us Part 2 becomes fastest-selling PS4 exclusive The Last Of Us Part 2 is now officially the fastest-selling first-party PS4 exclusive ever.

Naughty Dog released the game on June 19, and by the third day, June 21, it sold more than 4 million copies worldwide..

Did Ellie kill Riley?

Blocking off another door, Riley helped Ellie lift the gate off the ground and chose to hold it up until Ellie could find something to wedge between the gate. Once she did, Riley scrambled under the gate as a Runner attacked her. She killed it with two shots to the head.

Why does Ellie leave Dina?

Closer to the end of The Last of Us Part 2, Dina is almost killed by Abby before Ellie intervenes and convinces Abby to let them go. After that event, Dina and Ellie decide to “retire” to a farm in order to raise their newborn son, J.J.

What is the last of us 2 plot?

Set five years after The Last of Us (2013), players control two characters in a post-apocalyptic United States whose lives intertwine: Ellie, who sets out for revenge after suffering a tragedy, and Abby, a soldier who becomes involved in a conflict between the militia and a cult.

Why is Ellie immune?

It turns out that Ellie had been bit by a cordyceps-infected enemy, and yet she did not turn into an Infected. … Or rather, immune to the consequences—she is infected, but for some reason, the fungus has not taken over.

Who made the last of us 2?

Naughty DogThe Last of Us Part II/Developers

Who is Abby in Last of Us 2?

Laura BaileyAbigail “Abby” Anderson (Laura Bailey) is a playable protagonist of Part II. Her father, Jerry Anderson, was a Firefly surgeon who Joel killed at the end of the first game to save Ellie. Four years later, in her early twenties, she tracks Joel down and beats him to death.

Does Ellie kill Abby?

Ellie, grievously wounded from her fight against the Rattlers, saves Abby and Lev, but demands that Abby fights her one last time. Ellie gets the upperhand this time, evening the score from their previous skirmish in which Abby was the victor, and almost drowns Abby … but she lets her live.

How Old Is Ellie in left behind?

nineteen-year-oldEllie is the deuteragonist of The Last of Us, the playable protagonist of The Last of Us Part II and The Last of Us: Left Behind, and the main character in The Last of Us: American Dreams. A nineteen-year-old survivor, Ellie is “mature beyond her years” as a result of the circumstances of her environment.

Is Ellie pregnant in the last of us 2?

When Ellie confronts him, describing her survivor’s guilt and her urge to know the truth, Joel reassures her that he is telling the truth. The two settle down in Tommy’s community in Jackson, Wyoming. … Along the way, Ellie reveals her immunity to Dina, and Dina reveals she is pregnant by Jesse.

Why did Abby kill Joel?

The entire impetus for Abby hunting down Joel is that he killed her father. Not just that he killed her father, who appears to be a kind man who had to make a tough decision when Ellie showed up, but Joel butchered an entire hospital full of Fireflies, totally shattering Abby’s life.

How does Joel die?

In The Last of Us Part II, Joel is killed for a killing he committed, prompting Ellie to seek revenge on those responsible. Joel was created by Neil Druckmann, the creative director and writer of The Last of Us.